We’re Here ! Welcome to Try It Tell It.

Being sisters, we’ve spent a lifetime of trying new things together.

Sometimes we give each other a heads up on a great deal.  Sometimes we come up with great economical gift ideas.  Sometimes we try new products.  Sometimes we fill a trip with a wide variety of adventures.  Sometimes, we’re working on our homes and try DIY projects to save money, or home decor crafts.  Sometimes we try a new food or a new restaurant.  We always share our successes and our failures with each other.

We got to thinking about it some, and figured others could benefit by what we try and do, so we started this blog to tell about it.  Hence the name Try It Tell It.

As we go through our normal life, besides calling each other to share and compare notes, we’ll post our experiences here to share with the world.

Adventures await !  Drop by often to see what we’ve been up to.

Crush Party in Wine Country

Last year I went with my sister-in-law to a Crush Party at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, California. This was a fun thing to do in wine country. V. Sattui has a number of events throughout the year and this one was right up my alley. Reminiscent of the “I Love Lucy” wine stomping episode.


The whole event was fun and enlightening. The food was exceptional. (The mini chicken and waffles, my favorite.) Of course the wine tasting brought me from light bubbly wines to deep reds. We also learned about barrel making, corking, and the various grapes which make up the wines.

2012 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

Dancing, laughing, and meandering the grounds late into the cool, October evening was delightful. The staff of V. Sattui were friendly and fun. They made everyone feel welcome, as if we were enjoying a party in a good friend’s home. A definite “thumbs up” for this enjoyable vacation.

Save the date for the next crush party in October 2014.

TryItGirl Marian

Going Out Single (GOS)

Some of my single girlfriends have an aversion to going out alone. Going out single (GOS) can be fun! Last weekend, I went to an art gallery to see glass work by Dale Chihuly, had lunch at a favorite hotspot (Parkshore Grill in St. Petersburg, Florida), and ended with a movie (Divergent). It was a beautiful day and I was not going to waste it at home just because my friends were busy. Sure it’s nice to share adventures with a friend or a loved one, but, if your single, get out there and enjoy. You may just meet someone else who’s spending the day alone and one will become two. So, my little GOSlings, tell me your tales of going out single.

TryItGirl Marian


Removing wallpaper; no handy man needed

Do not be intimidated by wallpaper removal ever again. It is easy to accomplish. I took off wallpaper that had been up for about 20 years on the house I recently purchased. I scored the wallpaper with the Paper Tiger scoring tool. You just have to rub it on the wall and the teeth on the rollers scored the wallpaper so that the stripper gel could penetrate it. I used Zinsser 2466 DIF Gel Spray Ready to Use wallpaper stripper. It did not drip much and was in an easy spray bottle. After 15-20 minutes the paper was loose and easy to scrape off. And what did I do during the 15-20 minute wait for each section? Well, that’s the fun part. I watched TV, played Candy Crush, or had a martini. You can choose what you want to do while you wait. Warning: the martini makes you forget what you were doing and many times I had a jolt back to reality when I realized I had not scraped the portion I sprayed 45 minutes ago! No worries though, it all came out well. Afterward, I wiped the areas with a wet sponge. I was able to remove the wallpaper in one bathroom and the dining room in about a week. I did this alone, after work each evening. It was quite an accomplishment and a good workout for my arms. Try it and let us know how you did!

TryItGirl Marian